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A Textbook-Problem Book Combination
Engineering Design Graphics

Engineering Design Graphics Combination Text and Problems is available and ready for mailing. We would love to send you a free inspection copy for review and consideration as a new approach for engineering graphics.

Engineering Design Graphics Combination Text Problem Book

Price: $29.00 Net and Schools
ISBN: 978-0-615-67123-9

Consider the following features of this new-concept book:
  • An 8.5 x 11 format combination text and problem book with approximately 150 sheets (300 pages), plus extra drawing sheets.
  • Step-by-step instructions and examples are printed on the same page with the problems, which can be removed, solved, graded, returned and filed in a permanent three-ring notebook
  • A Design Process Chapter emphasizing and illustrating the importance of graphical applications, so creativity and design, including computer graphics methods, are included
  • Throw away the big, expensive textbook! Students will save as much as $100 when using this combination text-problem book instead of purchasing a separate textbook and problem book.
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Drafting Design Workbooks

High School Level Books

Students will cover more material in a more professional manner when using these problem books. Time will be saved in laying out problems that can be applied to the learning process. Instructions are printed on each sheet to guide the student through the exercises. Problems are graduated from easy to advanced to accommodate all students. 

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Teachers' Guides

Each problem book has its own accompanying Teacher's Guide to help with planning, grading and testing. Each guide includes solutions to problems, course outlines, reproducible tests, solutions to tests and suggestions for course organization. Professors may obtain free copies of the Teacher's Guide by sending a fax (979-764-7758) or email (creativepublishing@verizon.net) request on official department/school letterhead.

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